Driver service
Our drivers will bring you safely and ontime whenever and wherever you need to go. This way you can focus on your next business meeting or you can just sit back and relax.
Let us drive you.

Car rental service
  • Rent a vehicle based on flexible contracts.
    All rental vehicles include:
    Scheduled vehicle check-ups and maintenance to ensure that the rental vehicle is in top condition.
  • Comprehensive insurance coverage is provided to the driver and passengers up to 5.000.000 THB.
Your benefits
  • No more worries over payments for registration,tyres,servicing,or costly mechanical repairs.We take care of it all. 
  •  No losses on vehicle sales and other unexpected maintenance bills.
  • Fixed monthly payments mean easy budgeting of vehicle costs.
  • Replacement vehicle is provided in case of mechanical breakdown or accident occurred.
  • All vehicles are fully equipped.
  • Drivers or vehicles for a short or long period upon request.