Hot Line

Phone : (02)540-0640-43
Fax : (02)540-0644-45
Address : 235/11 , Ratpattana Rd., Sapansoong, Bangkok 10240 Thailand
(Office hours Mo-Fri 8.30-17.30)


  • Flexible 
  • Service minded
  • 7 days a week 
  • Friendly drivers
  • First class insurance 


    Our drivers can be hired per day, week, month or yearly. All our drivers are polite and experienced. Our drivers get exclusive training to better understand and serve executives.

Who is Unity and what can we do for you?
Unity Inter Marketing Co.,Ltd. is a growing company based in Bangkok, Thailand. We mainly provide drivers to our customers. Customers hire our drivers based on a monthly or yearly contract. Upon request, we are able to provide a rental car at special rate. The customer can decide to drive the car himself or to hire a car with driver.
Providing B2B services
We mainly provide Business to Business(B2B) services but also private (executives). We provide drivers and rental cars. We speak english and we provide our services to Thai and foreign customers. We have the best services at affordable hiring rates. Our montly hiring rates are unbeatable!

• Thai
Thai speaking drivers for our Thai or foreign customers.

• A-Grade driver
For our foreign customers who prefer a fluently English speaking drivers.

• B-Grade driver
For our foreign customers who prefer an moderate English speaking driver at lower monthly hiring rates.

• C-Grade driver
For our foreign customers who are able to communicate in Thai language with a driver that can speak and understand basic english.