• Our drivers

     Our drivers can be hired per day, week, month or yearly. All our drivers are polite and experienced. Our drivers get exclusive training to better understand and serve executives. We have Thai and English speaking drivers standby, 7 days a week, ready to bring or pickup from wherever and whenever you need to go. Since we are serving Thai and foreign customer, we provide drivers in 4 different "Classes", to serve your needs.

Learn more about our driver Rates & Grades.

To provide safe, efficient and polite services we:
  • Verify all our drivers backgrounds (educational and criminal backgrounds)
  • Train our drivers to understand what our customers need (for example that some customers like to have a good conversation, others do not)
  • Ensure that our Drivers check their vehicles every day before setting off and look after their vehicles as if they were their owns.
  • Maintain our vehicles in top condition
Our drivers are at your service.
• Chauffeur hiring rates

     Costs of driver service will be quoted upon driver's "Grade". Since we have many customers with different needs, we have devided our drivers in 4 different grades: Thai, A-Grade, B-Grade, C-Grade.
We have competitive rates that are updated frequently to ensure that we remain unbeatable. Below we explain the driver grade system.
         Thai speaking drivers for our Thai or foreign customers.
         A-Grade driver
         For our foreign customers who prefer a fluently English speaking drivers.
         B-Grade driver
         For our foreign customers who prefer an moderate English speaking driver at lower monthly hiring rates.
         C-Grade driver
For our foreign customers who are able to communicate in Thai language with a driver that can speak 
         and understand basic english.
If you have any questions about our driver grade system or hiring rates,
contact us here, specify your needs and we will send a quotation by email or fax.